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    Webinar: A Parent’s Survival Guide to Special Education
    Date: 3/15/2017
    Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST
    Online Webinar

    About This Event

    This webinar is geared for parents of children who have unique learning and/or emotional needs. This presentation will provide a broad overview of navigating the journey of special education. The focus will be on educating parents beginning with testing, understanding and preparing for the IEP process, and the importance of partnering with schools. There will also be information to help parents understand the law and the use of effective advocacy skills. The participants will be provided with links to resources which will assist them at different stages of development and
    needs of their child.

    In this webinar you will:
    • Be presented with an overview of the special education process.
    • Learn of resources and websites that assist parents at different stages, from the beginning of elementary school to
    the transitional years.
    • Be empowered to advocate for your child.
    • Learn the importance of knowing your long term and short term goals for your child.
    • Learn the importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive “team.”
    Participants will be provided with a packet of resources organized by topic with links to websites and resources.

    There is no charge for this program.

    For more information, call 617-552-4700.

    About the presenter:

    Teresa Schirmer ’88 is an associate dean at the BC School of Social Work. She returned to the Heights and has loved working with the graduate students in social work in the classroom, field education, and as an administrator. Teresa maintains a private therapy practice where she treats adolescents and young adults with a focus on anxiety and depression. She has worked in hospitals, inpatient, and outpatient mental health settings.Teresa is a parent who has been involved with special education for her children.


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