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    Winston Center's Brennan Symposium
    Date: 3/28/2017
    Time: 6:00 PM
    Boston College, Main Campus
    Gasson Hall, Room 100
    140 Commonwealth Avenue
    Chestnut Hill, Mass.

    About This Event

    Winston Center's Brennan Symposium featuring Kennedy Odede and Jessica Posner Odede.

    Kennedy Odede was an active community organizer in Kibera, one of Kenya's most impoverished and troubled slums. For his tireless work there, he was known throughout Kibera unofficially as “Mayor.” Jessica Posner was a privileged 20-year-old Wesleyan University student on a semester abroad project who reached out to Kennedy hoping to help with a theater group he was running. During her semester abroad, Jessica wanted an authentic experience, so she moved to the slum of Kibera with Kennedy. Together, Kennedy and Jessica worked to build a school for girls—many of whom had been abused. Together they founded the nonprofit community organization Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO).

    In October 2015, Kennedy and Jessica released their first book, Find Me Unafraid, based on their story and the work they've done to help improve the lives of girls in Kibera and similar communities throughout the world. Senator Cory Booker called Find Me Unafraid “A powerful reminder of an individual's capacity to make a meaningful difference in the world around them. Kennedy and Jessica's inspiring words are a soaring call to action for anyone who has confronted seemingly insurmountable odds—and found hope."

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